Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Images from Yellowstone

Morning dew glistened on the wildflowers. A mountain breeze distributed the scent of sulfur through the alpine air. Steam rose from geysers like prayers that Arnie and Reggie would not break down on their electric coast-to-coast adventure.  They arrived safely at Yellowstone National Park!

Arnie reminisced about visiting the park as a Boy Scout. Reggie dreamed of backpacking for weeks in the back country. The Tesla’s Battery rested with a sufficient charge.


 Tourists walked around Yellowstone hoping to shoot wildlife—but instead of employing a rifle, they were armed with digital cameras.

Old Faithful believed in Arnie’s Adventure. A light rain and cool temperature magnified the steam emanating from the world’s largest geyser park. Arnie and Reggie anxiously awaited the Great Fountain Geyser to explode. But the darkness chased the boys back to their cabin for the night before they could witness the show.

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